Supporting Language Learning with Digital Technologies終了

Supporting Language Learning with Digital Technologies

Supporting Language Learning with Digital Technologiesの概要

開催日時 10:30 〜 12:30
場所 長野県大手3丁目8−13  松本市役所大手事務所

Louise’s two-hour session will be divided into two parts: Supporting Out-of-Class Learning Through In-Class Activities Language educators can play an integral role in equipping learners with the skills and motivation they need to take their learning into their own hands (Blidi, 2017; Lai, 2017). This presentation outlines ways in which teacher-led support of self-directed learning was offered in two different teaching contexts: as a small, additional component to required skill-based English courses and in a course dedicated to self-directed learning. Teacher support was given in the form of tasks that aimed to broaden students’ knowledge on effective learning resources and study methods, particularly through the use of digital technology, as well as tasks which aimed to enhance their ability to manage their autonomous, out-of-class language learning. Learning management activities included identifying goals, creating and carrying out learning plans, reflecting on their learning experiences, then continuing the cycle with new plans. Student feedback from questionnaires and interviews will be shared to show the impact of the support and participants will be invited to discuss ways in which tasks introduced in this session could be used or adapted to suit their own teaching contexts. Supporting Students’ Learning Opportunities with Digital Technology This workshop will introduce a wide range of online tools that can be used in class or for homework/self-study. The session will include tools that can be used to help students work on the four base skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), assist with receptive and productive vocabulary development, and boost motivation. Audience members will be invited to actively participate in demonstrations with many of the tools and discuss potential ways that they can be used to foster learning in both classroom and out-of-class settings. The session introduces activities that can be adapted to suit a wide range of teaching contexts and offers materials for all English proficiency levels. While it is possible to join this workshop without a web-capable device, those who bring a smart phone, tablet and/or a laptop will be able to participate more fully.

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